Current partners

  • Unique, fresh and fast paced sports betting games
  • Translating cyber-security academic research into real-world challenges
  • Improving the way regulated businesses on-board their customer

What is Kindred Futures?

We’re seeking out the most interesting companies and entrepreneurs to co-create the future of gambling.

We are committed to doing something valuable with and for our partners.

Our approach is as much about giving as it is taking. We are on equal turf.

We are happy to discuss any great idea…the more transformational the better.

What Kindred Futures is not

We are neither an accelerator nor an incubator.

We are not an investment fund and we don’t want equity.

We don’t run competitions and we don’t offer gimmicky prizes.

We are not just an easy route to the preferred supplier list.

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News, insights and blog

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